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Step into peachy perfection with "Pins and Petals," our delightful flower recipe curated specifically to enhance your self-care journey.

At its heart, the majestic Pincushion Protea radiates warmth and vitality, while delicate Cornflowers whisper of tranquility. Lush Stocks add elegance, while Statice and Sweet William symbolize unity and love.

But the experience doesn't end with receiving these blooms. Take a moment to arrange them, immersing yourself in the therapeutic practice of floral arranging. As you gently place each stem, let the act of creating your own masterpiece become a self-care ritual, nurturing your soul with every petal.

With a hint of Silver Dollar Eucalyptus for whimsy, "Pins and Petals" is more than just an assortment of flowers—it's a wellness experience. Let its beauty be your companion on the path to wellness and guide you to inner peace and fulfillment. 🍑🌿 #JustPeachy #SelfCareBlossoms #FloralTherapy

The Pins and Petals - Beanie Box comes with one bundle each of Pincushion Protea, Cornflower, Statice, Sweet William, Stock, and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

The Pins and Petals - Midi Box comes with everything listed in the Beanie Box, plus one bundle of Pincushion Protea, Cornflower, and Stock

The Pins and Petals - Biggie Box comes with everything listed in the Midi Box, plus one bundle each of Statice, Sweet William, and Baby Blue Eucalyptus

Orders placed after 9amPT will be cut, packaged, and shipped the following day.

1. Flat Rate Delivery Fee: $25
2. Next Day Delivery: +$19
3. Saturday Delivery: +$15

1. Flat Rate Delivery Fee: $25 (+out-of-state delivery surcharge $10)
2. Next Day Delivery: +$19
3. Saturday Delivery: +$15
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