Brighten Spaces | Encourage Mindfulness | Boost Moods | Foster Togetherness

Eva Foam

A wellness activity using flower arranging as a creative outlet to relieve stress, as well as promote mindfulness and self care

Non slip surface

Our virtual flower arranging workshop experiences are a team-building activity to foster togetherness and brighten moods


Customized gift boxes available with various options for made-to-order flower related items


Shipped in eco-friendly packaging; eliminating any unnecessary waste

Flowers sourced only from U.S. farmers


Opportunity to support a small, Black woman-owned business

Postal Petals For Your Business

Engaging Team-Building Activity
A custom-themed, virtual flower arranging workshop experience is perfect for an engaging team-building activity for your employees or an interactive client appreciation gathering. Throw in some wine and charcuterie to simulate a safe happy hour from home.
Unique Corporate Client Gifts
A thoughtful and engaging gift for clients who would appreciate both beautiful flowers and a mindful activity that will bring smiles to their faces and positive energy to their homes. It’s a great way to ensure they will always remember you.
Brighten the at-home workspaces of your employees with a regular flower delivery service for them to arrange as they please. Just tell us how often you want them to receive a delivery and we’ll take care of the rest.
Employee Gifts
No need to wait for a birthday, a big achievement, or another special occasion... Flowers are always a good idea when you want to reward your employees and thank them for all their effort.
Employee Wellness Program
Customize the virtual flower arranging experience with a meditation or mindfulness teacher to help set the peaceful intention of the process and ensure attendees are able to maximize the self-care elements of the activity.
Custom Gift Boxes
Custom-branded corporate gift boxes including items like a floral toolkit, vase, a gift card to order a box of flowers and other made-to-order items to use with their box of fresh flowers.

How Does It Work?




Connect with one of our professional Petal Pushers to discuss your specific needs, budget, and desired outcome.



Let us know who will get the flowers and how you want the flowers to be received. Choice of physical flowers, gift box or digital gift card. *All customizable



Utilize a custom event page created by your professional Petal Pusher for you to manage and add attendees once your event has been scheduled.



If hosting a virtual floral arranging workshop experience, select the engaging theme that best suits your group.



Leave the rest to us: Flower delivery, virtual event set up, design and distribution of any custom floral related items, and anything else to make your event a success.

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