No. All you need is your imagination. There are no rules to creativity. Just add and move stems around until your beautiful creation emerges.
Like anything else, buying flowers in bulk is a significant cost savings. The typical mark up for cut flowers is 300%, plus 20% for professional floral design. With us, you’re getting flowers straight from the farm, eliminating additional freight and design fees.
If properly maintained, your flowers could last up to 10 days. We suggest a quick trim and fresh water each day.
Like any houseguest, after the long journey, your flowers will certainly be a bit parched. Give them a little trim and put them in fresh water as soon as you can. Within a few hours, once they’ve had a chance to rehydrate, you will begin to see your flowers come alive again and look more like themselves. If you need additional support, you always give us a shout and we’ll talk you through it.
Fresh water daily is all you need to keep your flowers thriving.
After the long journey, it’s probably a good idea to have your flowers scheduled for delivery the day before you expect to arrange them. This way, they will have overnight to hydrate, recover from their trip and will be at their best when it’s time for you to arrange them.
Our design experts work with each farm to select the best blooms based on what’s in season and what flowers they think will complement each other in an arrangement.
While, of course, you can select from the flower pairings offered, at this time you are not able to customize the flowers in your box. But we encourage you to let us know what flowers you’d like to see in your box and we’ll do our best to move them into the rotation when they come into season.
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice EVERYWHERE” – Martin Luther King Jr.
Our flowers are ethically sourced from more than 20 domestic flower farms.
No. At this time, we sell only fresh flowers and foliage for you to design as you wish. Vessels are not included.
We deliver within the continental United States. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not deliver to Hawaii or Alaska.
Our flowers are delivered within 36-hours of being harvested by GSO or FedEx, where available.
No. Unlike a traditional florist, we ship flowers to you directly from our partner farms. Once you place your order, the flowers are cut, gently packaged, and shipped via GSO or FedEx for next day delivery.
No. The flowers are delivered via FedEx and are subject to their daily delivery schedule.
We deliver Tuesday through Friday. Except on holidays. Saturday delivery is available upon request to selection locations at an additional cost.
Yes. Simply indicate that the box is being sent as a gift, enter the gift message to the recipient, and provide the recipient’s email address for electronic delivery of the gift message. Gift message to recipient will be sent via an e-card the evening prior flower delivery.
We deliver within the continental United States.
Due to various external factors, including holiday surges and weather disruptions, our carriers occasionally experience shipping delays. While this is entirely outside of our control, we prepare for it by packing our flowers in such a way that they should be able to withstand an extra day or two of travel. If for some reason, they don’t, we stand behind our flowers 100% and we’ll get a replacement shipped out to you on the next available shipping date.
Yes, you can pause your subscription or skip a delivery from within your customer account so long as it’s done no less than 72hrs prior to your next scheduled delivery date. Otherwise, your scheduled order will be processed and the pause or delivery skip will apply to the following order.
You may cancel your subscription at any time from within your customer account or by contacting us directly. Subscription orders are processed 72-hours prior to your scheduled delivery day, so if you’d like to cancel, be sure to do so ahead of the deadline. Otherwise, the scheduled order will be processed and the cancellation will apply to the following order.
Yes. Several days prior to the next scheduled delivery, you will receive an email reminding you that your next order will be arriving soon and inviting you to review that week’s featured recipes to make your own selection. If you do not make a selection within 72hrs of delivery, one will be made for you.
We do not accept returns on fresh products. If a product is damaged or delivered incorrectly, please call us or send an email with photos of the flowers in question.
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