Semi-Private Workshop

The semi-private floral design workshops are pre-scheduled and available to anyone who would like to purchase a spot. Florists* leading the workshop will guide students through the creative process of making arrangements using the contents of that week’s Petal Box**. Scheduled classes will be posted at the beginning of each week and are 100% virtual. Classes will be open to other Petals clients who have received the same Petal Boxes that week.

Private Workshop

The private floral design workshops offer personalized instruction from an experienced florist. Whether you’re trying to refine your arranging skills and prefer one-on-one attention or if you’re hosting a Petal Party with a group of friends, our private workshops are customized for your needs. Teacher and students are sent the same boxes in preparation for the workshop so that everyone is working with similar materials. Each class is 100% virtual and averages about an hour in length.
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