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Welcome to "Eucalyptus (Roses) & Chill," your sanctuary of self-care and wellness. Let the soothing aroma of eucalyptus and the delicate beauty of roses transport you to a place of tranquility and rejuvenation.

At the heart of this floral mix are classic Roses and delicate Josephine Spray Roses, their petals unfurling like whispers of tranquility. Engage in the therapeutic experience of floral design as you gracefully intertwine each stem, creating a masterpiece of beauty and serenity.

Surrounding the Roses, Baby Blue Eucalyptus and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus release a calming aroma, enveloping you in a cocoon of relaxation. After arranging your bouquet, hang leftover eucalyptus in the shower for a relaxing, therapeutic steam, infusing your daily routine with the healing power of nature.

As you immerse yourself in the delicate dance of petals and leaves, feel the weight of the world lift from your shoulders, and embrace the present moment with gratitude and joy.

Let "Eucalyptus (Roses) & Chill" be your oasis of calm, where the transformative power of nature meets the healing art of flower arranging. 🌿🌹 #SelfCareBlooms #FloralTherapy #EucalyptusRosesAndChillFlowers #SerenityBlooms

The Eucalyptus (Roses) & Chill - Beanie Box comes with two dozens of Roses 50 CM, two bundles of Baby Blue Eucalyptus, and one bundle each of Josephine Spray Roses, and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

The Eucalyptus (Roses) & Chill - Midi Box comes with everything listed in the Beanie Box, plus 2dz Roses 50 CM, and one bundle of Baby Blue Eucalyptus 

The Eucalyptus (Roses) & Chill - Biggie Box comes with everything listed in the Midi Box, plus one bundle each of Josephine Spray Roses, Baby Blue Eucalyptus, and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Orders placed after 9amPT will be cut, packaged, and shipped the following day.

1. Flat Rate Delivery Fee: $25
2. Next Day Delivery: +$19
3. Saturday Delivery: +$15

1. Flat Rate Delivery Fee: $25 (+out-of-state delivery surcharge $10)
2. Next Day Delivery: +$19
3. Saturday Delivery: +$15
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