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Want a perfect day of self-care?

Introducing the wellness trifecta – yoga, meditation and flower arranging.

Picture this, it’s a weekend morning and you have the whole day ahead of you, no big plans, just a cozy weekend for you to get some well-deserved R&R.

Start the day by lighting some candles or firing up that essential oil diffuser to set the mood.

Then, lay out and sit on your mat while taking a few expansive breaths to center yourself before folding over into a relaxing child’s pose and moving through your yoga sequence. After connecting with your mind, body and breath, you’re ready to settle into a relaxing savasana to integrate all your work.

During this time, your mind is calm and present, your body is free of tension, and you enter a deep meditative state that grounds you to the present moment.

You feel renewed energy and a sense of peace coming out of the meditation.

What next?

How about some flower arranging?

I know, I know – you may not immediately associate flower arranging with self-care and healing but hear me out.

Like yoga and meditation, flower arranging is a mindful activity that can help you experience flow and creativity. In this state, you feel engaged, focused and present as the chatter in your mind and the stress and tension fade away.

Flower arranging requires your actions and awareness to be in sync so that you can fully get in the zone.

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4 Restorative Benefits of DIY Flower Arranging

Being around and arranging flowers provides many benefits and can be considered a lifestyle medicine – flower therapy if you will.

Their colors can influence your mood. The use of lavender can be traced far back to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, where it was used in perfumes and as a healing agent for many ailments. Today, it’s primarily used to promote relaxation and induce sleep. To reap the benefits, display these lovely stems in your bedroom or add a few drops of essential oil to a diffuser.

It’s basically aromatherapy. Flowers contain essential oils commonly used in cosmetic products, diffusers, or as an alternative healing therapy. Flower arranging allows you to get up close and personal with the sweet and floral aromas the blooms emit so you can experience their soothing benefits.

Flower arranging cultivates self-love. DIY flower arranging is an excellent way to get your creative juices flowing. In this state of focus, you’ll experience peace and a sense of fulfillment. Not only that, but once done, you’ll have a beautiful floral display to admire and feel proud of.

It helps bust stress, anxiety and depression.

Taking time for yourself to engage in a creative activity like flower arranging is a great way to take a break from some of those heavier feelings you carry from day to day.

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