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Flowers are best known for brightening and beautifying our spaces. They’re given as gifts and reminders of our love. They’re used to adorn events and to bring special occasions to life. Their colors, vibrancy and beauty help boost your mood and promote a sense of well-being.

But did you know that arranging your own flowers can be considered a form of self-care? Stay with me here!

During times of stress, self-care becomes more important than ever. Making sure your physical, emotional, and mental needs are met can be hard, but there are many ways you can take a step back and give yourself some much-needed self-care.

Taking a pause and engaging in mindful activities such as meditation, journaling, yoga and breathwork can be wonderful ways to care for your well-being but, have you considered how crafting and engaging your creativity can also help you feel more peaceful and grounded?

Activities that require you to use your hands to create are a great way to engage your mind and body while practicing mindfulness.

Much like taking a paint brush to a canvas or a crochet needle to yarn, flower arranging can be a relaxing way to tap into your creative mind. If you’ve spent time engaging in creative activities in the past, then you know how easy it is to get lost in the act of creating. This is the feeling of mindfulness, where your mind is focused in the present moment and feeling at peace.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Flower Arranging

Flowers help boost your mood and promote feel good emotions. Their beauty, the colors, the scents all play a part in engaging our senses and making us feel uplifted.

Feel more connected with your tribe by arranging flowers together. Flower arranging with your friends and family can help give you that sense of belonging that we all crave. Creating lasting memories and a feeling of well-being along the way.

Say goodbye to stress and anxiety. Flower arranging is a mindful activity that can help slow down your mind. While you’re focusing on creating your floral design, your racing thoughts won’t stand a chance to the power of flowers!

It’s a form of meditation because it encourages you to stay focused in the present moment of creating. Meditation is beneficial for promoting a sense of peace and well-being from within.

It allows your creativity to flourish. Sometimes a dose of creativity is just what the doctor ordered. Tapping into this side of your brain can help you look at problems from a new perspective and helps exercise your critical thinking skills.

Do something for you. We spend so much time catering to the needs of our boss, families, and partners that sometimes we forget to take some time for ourselves. Flower arranging can be a quick creative getaway, just for you.

If you’re ready to give yourself some much deserved “ME” time, order your bloom box today!

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