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Virtual Floral Workshop for Genentech

Virtual Floral Workshop for Genentech

In collaboration with Genentech, Postal Petals organized a private virtual floral workshop, designed to foster creativity, relaxation, and team bonding among participants. Our partnership began with thorough pre-production meetings, during which we worked closely with Genentech’s project lead to understand their goals and expectations for the workshop. These discussions were crucial in curating a tailored program that would meet their specific needs and deliver a memorable experience.

The preparation phase involved collecting the names and shipping details of each participant to ensure they received all necessary materials ahead of the scheduled workshop. Each participant was sent a carefully curated kit containing fresh flowers and floral arranging tools required for the workshop. These kits were delivered a day before the event, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with the materials and prepare for the session.

On the day of the workshop, participants were guided through the process by a professional florist. The session began with an introduction to the basics of floral design, including tips on flower selection, color coordination, and arranging techniques. The workshop lead provided step-by-step instructions, ensuring that participants could follow along and create their own beautiful arrangements.

Throughout the workshop, participants were encouraged to ask questions and share their progress, fostering a sense of community and interaction despite the virtual format. The event not only allowed participants to learn a new skill but also provided a relaxing and enjoyable break from their daily routines.

The feedback from Genentech was overwhelmingly positive. Participants appreciated the opportunity to engage in a creative and calming activity, and many remarked on how the workshop helped them feel more connected with their colleagues. The event successfully met Genentech’s objectives, promoting team cohesion and providing a unique wellness experience.

We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with Genentech and look forward to hosting more virtual workshops that inspire and connect people through the art of floral design.

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