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In-Person Flower Workshop Southern Company

In-Person Flower Workshop Southern Company

In a bid to promote employee well-being and foster team building, Southern Company, a prominent gas and electric utility holding company in the Southern United States, collaborated with Postal Petals to host an in-person flower workshop. The event was specifically designed to offer employees a refreshing and creative break from their demanding work schedules.

The workshop was set up as a pop-up event within Southern Company's office in Atlanta, GA. To ensure maximum participation and minimal disruption to daily operations, Postal Petals facilitated a series of four 45-minute workshop sessions throughout the day, with small groups of employees rotating in and out on an hourly schedule. This staggered approach allowed call center employees to partake in the workshop in shifts, ensuring everyone had an opportunity to engage in the activity.

Each session began with a brief guided meditation, followed by an introduction to the basics of floral design, led by a professional florist. Participants were provided with a selection of fresh flowers to choose from as well as all necessary tools to craft their floral designs. The professional florist guided them through the process of creating their own unique floral arrangements, offering tips on flower selection, color coordination, and arrangement techniques.

The workshop provided a much-needed creative outlet and a chance for employees to relax and re-center during the workday. Participants expressed their enjoyment in engaging in a hands-on activity that differed greatly from their usual tasks. The event not only allowed them to learn a new skill but also encouraged social interaction and team bonding in a relaxed, informal setting.

Feedback from Southern Company was highly positive. Employees appreciated the thoughtful break and the opportunity to create something beautiful. The workshop helped to enhance morale and demonstrated Southern Company's commitment to employee wellness and satisfaction.

We are thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with Southern Company and look forward to future events that continue to enrich and inspire their workforce through the therapeutic art of floral design.

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