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You’ve probably heard of aromatherapy, but have you heard of flower therapy?

Like aromatherapy, flowers and their essences can be used to improve mood and decrease feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.

You can experience the soothing and mood-boosting benefits of flowers in many ways.

Some of these include:

Displaying them in your home and allowing the scent and colors to invigorate your mood and spark joy. Simply seeing the flowers has been shown to increase feelings of gratitude and happiness instantly. Even better, you create the arrangement yourself!

Adding fresh flower petals to your bubble bath.

Using them in their dried form to concoct a delicious soothing tea

Using floral essential oils in a diffuser.Diluting a couple of drops of your favorite floral essential oil in some coconut or jojoba oil and massaging it into your skin.

Each flower and its essential oils have varying benefits, but the colors of flowers can also have a positive effect on your mood.

For example, soft pinks and lavenders promote feelings of calm, while bright-colored yellow or orange flowers encourage joy and happiness.

Below are our top five flower picks for boosting mood and reducing stress.


The use of lavender can be traced far back to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, where it was used in perfumes and as a healing agent for many ailments. Today, it’s primarily used to promote relaxation and induce sleep. To reap the benefits, display these lovely stems in your bedroom or add a few drops of essential oil to a diffuser.


Rose is another soothing flower, especially in shades of white, soft pink, or light pastels. The scent of rose helps calm and relax the mind and can also help decrease headaches. We recommend displaying rose stems in any room that could use a vibe check.

Yellow Marigold

This cheery, yellow flower produces invigorating feelings of warmth and joy. Observing the color yellow has been associated with better focus and more energy and cheerfulness. To help you stay focused, display these in a vase near your workstation.


This fragrant flower can help fight off feelings of sadness and depression by increasing your energy and productivity levels. Taking in the aromatic scent of jasmine has been associated with the activation of beta waves in the brain that regulate emotion and activity levels.


While this flower has a very delicate scent, it’s a powerful one for stress relief. Chamomile has long been used for its floral healing properties providing relief from inflammation, cold symptoms and anxiety while promoting deeper sleep. The best way to enjoy the benefits of chamomile is by making it into tea.

Create Your Own Floral Healing Arrangement

Not only is displaying flowers an act of self-care but arranging your own bouquet can be too. Instead of buying a pre-made arrangement from the florist, you can find flow and creativity in designing and assembling your own.

At Postal Petals, we deliver farm-fresh flower stems directly to your door, so you can enjoy creating your own DIY arrangement. We update our recipes and flower options each month to match what’s currently in season, and with three box sizes and various season flower recipes available, you can choose to purchase once or subscribe to receive our freshest flowers every week, bi-weekly or once a month.

Ready to relax and unwind with some colorful flower therapy?

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