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When it comes to self-care, women and men need to put their emotional, physical, and mental well-being first. Not everything needs to result in productivity, success or achievement, or some other grandiose external accomplishment.

Self-care can begin within and express itself through creative acts, such as DIY flower arranging. In the past few years, flower arranging has grown in popularity and is praised for its therapeutic effects on mental health and creative well-being. Especially when it comes to sacrifice, we’re all so used to giving up our alone time or creative time, or time with friends to give to our families, work, and external service commitments. When it comes to DIY flower arranging, the time is meant for to help you relax, get inspired, and recharge.

We All Sacrifice Our Needs For Others

Self-sacrifice can be incredibly draining. Whether it’s cooking a nice meal for everyone else, putting the needs of a partner before supporting your own, or even pushing through physical pain to attain some unrealistic fantasy or ideal, there are many times in our lives that we all make a conscious choice to put our inner voice on do not disturb.

Self-care is here to put your voice on loud and your heart on blast—in the best, most healing way.

Getting Into Self-Care Mode With Flowers

If you’re looking to feel a little more in control of your life and your free time, fresh flower arrangements can put you in that space, almost instantly. There’s something sacred and ritualistic about crafting a DIY flower arrangement for your coffee table, bedroom, home office, or guest room.

With so many fun ways to design your bouquet, you can incorporate mason jars, spring flower crafts, or simply press and dry them and frame them. If you’re short on time or simply want to get right into flower arranging, you can have the flowers delivered straight to your home in a box and get to arranging right away.

Flowers Boost Your Mood

Touching flowers and smelling their natural aromas can increase your mood, self-esteem, and connection to nature. Your feel-good emotions are on full blast and their beauty, scent, and colors are all part of engaging your senses and helping you to feel better than you were before.

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily minutia of life, lacking color and feeling sedentary in our modern world. When you interact with floral arrangements, whether alone or with family and friends, you can feel a greater sense of belonging and look outside yourself for inspiration, gratitude, and joy.

Stress and anxiety are nowhere to be found when you engage in such a mindful activity. Especially when you’re feeling extra busy in your mind, flower arranging is a great option to clear your head. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s literally less than the cost of actual therapy.

Flowers Help Your Creativity Blossom

Because flower arranging can be a form of meditation, it helps focus you and keep you present in the moment of creation and innovation. Meditation is scientifically known to promote peace and well-being inside yourself so you can face any external issues with calm.

Flowers and mindfulness go hand in hand, just as creativity and flowers also correlate. When you tap into your creative brain, you’re accessing a new solution-oriented way to navigate life.

You feel clearer to address issues head-on and exercising critical thinking skills. Not only is DIY flower arranging a great way to get expressive, it’s something you can do for yourself to take care of yourself.

Take time for yourself and create out of pure joy, relieve stress, and put the focus on yourself. DIY flower arranging and self-care go hand in hand. Start your floral self-care journey today and check out our Flower Shop where you can have flower boxes delivered straight to your door.

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