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The practice and art of flower arranging can be traced to as far back as the Egyptians. Carvings on ancient tombs show flowers arranged in vases and bowls.

And while Egyptians were the leading influencer in the flower rush of the Western world, the East also helped to lay the foundations for the floral arranging techniques we know now. In ancient Taoist practice it was customary to display floral arrangements as offerings to the flower goddesses. While the first and oldest floral art school, Ikenobo, was opened in Japan.

Back on our side of the pond, the book “Flower Decoration in the House”, released early in the 20th century, was the first of its kind to provide guidelines for using flowers as décor around the home. Fast forward to today, and flower arrangements have become the centerpiece for every major event and occasion. Flowers are incorporated into our lives to uplift us with their vibrant colors, bold shapes and unforgettable scents.

Why Arrange Your Own Bouquet?

No need to feel intimidated by our flower forefathers and mothers. Creating a beautiful flower arrangement is possible, even for first time flower arrangers.

With our farm-direct flower boxes you’re guaranteed the best possible foot forward. Our blooms shipped from the farm, straight to you, in a box! We provide all the instructions to get your flowers looking their best, once unpacked.

So, what are some of the benefits of designing your own arrangement?

Unleash your creativity: This is your time to shine. You have the chance to tap into your creativity and create a DIY flower arrangement that’s unique and represents you.

Take the opportunity to be present: The act of flower arranging can feel peaceful. Allow yourself to get lost in the activity and see yourself blossom in the present moment. Create DIY floral arrangements with friends, so you can feel more connected.

Feel accomplished: Once finished, you’ll have a gorgeous floral arrangement to admire and bragging rights for doing it yourself.

DIY Giftable: You can make a series of smaller, custom, bouquets to give as gifts to family and friends.

What then, you ask, are our 5 top tips for creating a floral arrangement like a pro?

Pick an unusual vessel: Choose a vase that’s unusually shaped such as a globe. Use mason jars or bottles. You could use an antique container, or the opening of a tin watering can. Get creative with the vessel your flowers will displayed in for a look that stands out.

Line the inside of your vase with aspidistra leaves: Using large, decorative leaves to line your vase may be one of the oldest tricks in the book for giving your arrangement that professional touch. Before starting the arranging process, line the vase by gently positioning the aspidistra leaves horizontally and smoothing them around the inside. Use several leaves so the entire inside is lined.

Use citrus fruits to enhance your arrangements: Use two vases, one larger than the other and stack one inside the other ensuring there is room between the inner vase and outer one. Fill the outer space with water and place sliced up lemons or oranges to float. Match your citrus or fruit to the central color of your bouquet for a cohesive look.

Add stones, marbles, or pebbles to the bottom of the vase: This is a simple yet impressive touch for making your display look profesh. Colorful marbles or stones can add dimension and texture to the overall look of the arrangement.

Mix in artificial elements: In the spring, maybe add a few branches of beautifully painted Easter eggs to your arrangement. Around the holidays or in the summer for Fourth of July, it can be especially fun to add a couple of glittery red branches to your bouquet. Or maybe even feathers. Give your flowers some flair by adding in unexpected elements.

While flower arranging can seem intimidating at first, we’re here to provide you with guides and online videos to help you create beautiful arrangements at home. Join one of our Petal Riot floral design workshops for an unforgettable experience you can enjoy with friends and family.

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