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Georgia World Congress Center GWCC Mother's Day Wellness Event

Georgia World Congress Center GWCC Mother's Day Wellness Event

On a Friday before Mother's Day, Georgia World Congress Center Authority (GWCC) invited Postal Petals to create a memorable wellness event for their employees. Understanding that, for some, Mother’s Day can evoke a wide range of emotions, we worked with GWCC to create a program specifically intended to honor and respect the diversity of experiences among their employees, understanding that for some, Mother's Day may be a challenging time. With that in mind, we set out to provide a safe and supportive space for employees. 

We began the day with a rejuvenating meditation session, helping participants center themselves and prepare for the day's activities. This was followed by a therapeutic floral design workshop, intended to serve as a mindfulness exercise, fostering creativity and emotional expression. The floral design session then smoothly transitioned into a thoughtfully-guided conversation where, having been disarmed by the floral experience, employees were invited to speak freely about any emotions they may be experiencing around the holiday. 

Throughout the program, employees were encouraged to talk openly about their feelings towards Mother's Day, finding ways to honor their personal experiences, longing and mourning. This open dialogue allowed participants to share their stories, fostering a deeper understanding and connection among colleagues. The discussions emphasized emotional intelligence, promoting empathy and collective support within the workplace.

The program concluded as it began with a soothing sound bath meditation, providing a moment of stillness and reflection for everyone involved. This holistic approach to wellness allowed employees to connect on a personal level, beyond their day-to-day work interactions.

Feedback from the event highlighted its success in bringing employees closer together, creating a collective understanding that enhanced their work performance and interpersonal relationships. The experience underscored the importance of integrating humanity and emotional intelligence into the workplace.

View our Georgia World Congress Center instagram video recap here.

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to partner with @gwcca_atl and look forward to hosting more incredible wellness experiences in the future. This program not only nurtured the well-being of GWCC employees but proved to foster a more empathetic and supportive work environment.

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