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Bespoke Gifting Solutions: Disney #BlackStoriesAlways

Bespoke Gifting Solutions: Disney #BlackStoriesAlways

We collaborated with Disney to manage and facilitate a bespoke gifting campaign to help kick off their year-round Black Stories Always initiative. The directive was to manage and facilitate the curation, fulfillment and shipping of nearly 200 magical mailers filled with products from Black-owned businesses, including fresh cut flowers to arrange from Postal Petals, delicious cookies from The Cookie Society, and coffee from Real Dope Coffee. Each box was then shipped to Black creators and talent across the US and abroad to celebrate the importance of telling Black Stories Always.

This campaign was a part of Disney’s larger “Giving Flowers” initiative, with this element being created as a kick off designed to honor and amplify Black-owned businesses, creatives, and voices, celebrating the incredible stories they tell. In addition to coordinating every component of the mailer campaign from sourcing and paying vendors to product intake, processing and packing, we oversaw a significant amount of the design process for shipping and promotional materials related to the campaign. All while keeping the client closely updated throughout the process. Once the mailers were carefully packaged, we coordinated the shipping process meticulously, guaranteeing that each mailer reached its recipient on time and in perfect condition.

Celebrate Black Stories book by Disney

As recipients opened their boxes, they were delighted by a bevy of items including several fresh cut flowers for them to arrange. We supported their design experience by creating a custom flower arranging tutorial easily accessible via QR code in the mailer. Recipients were able to follow along with the video tutorial as we walked through each flower variety featured in their box and provided instructions on how to arrange them in the vase that was also provided in the box. 

Additionally, we provided social media and digital marketing support to enhance the visibility and impact of the #BlackStoriesAlways campaign. Through engaging content and strategic online promotion, we helped to highlight the contributions of Black creators and the importance of celebrating their stories year-round.

At the end of the campaign, we delivered a comprehensive wrap report detailing the execution and outcomes of the initiative. This report included feedback from recipients, engagement metrics from social media, and overall impact analysis, demonstrating the success and reach of the campaign.

View our Disney Gifting Campaign instagram video recap here.

It is an honor to work with a partner that is intentional about amplifying Black-owned businesses, creatives, and voices. Through our bespoke gifting solutions, we contributed to a meaningful celebration of Black creators 365 days a year. Here’s to celebrating Black stories always!

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