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'Baldwin's Blooms' is a poignant floral tribute that not only honors our profound love of James Baldwin but also celebrates his tireless activism and social commentary on race in America. Each bloom in this special floral recipe is a living testament to the beauty, resilience, and impactful legacy woven through Baldwin's words and actions.

Gerbera Daisies burst forth with electric energy, showcasing the joy and laughter that Baldwin found in love. Dahlias add layers of complexity, reflecting the multifaceted nature of his keen insights into relationships and racial dynamics. Pink Lilies stand tall, symbolizing the unity and strength embedded in Baldwin's literary legacy and his commitment to social justice.

Snapdragons and Eucalyptus Silver Dollar dance together, symbolizing the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of Baldwin's activism. Carnations and Spray Roses whisper of enduring affection, while Cremons and Alstroemeria signify the support and growth within love's journey, mirroring Baldwin's dedication to fostering understanding.

Solidaster, with its golden hues, represents the richness of Baldwin's reflections on love and the complexities of racial identity. Anemone, delicate yet resilient, signifies the tenderness that he expressed in his writings and activism. As you arrange each flower in your bloom box, you're creating not just a bouquet; you're weaving a tribute to 'Baldwin's Blooms'—a harmonious blend of love, resilience, and the enduring connection that transcends time.

Elevate your space with this poetic flower recipe, a symbol of James Baldwin's profound impact on love, activism, and the beauty that blooms through his literary and social legacy. 🌷💖 #BaldwinsLoveBlooms #ActivismInBlooms #PostalPetals

The Baldwin’s Blooms - Beanie Baby Box comes with one bundle each of Gerbera Daisies, Dahlias, Pink Lilies and Snapdragons

The Baldwin’s Blooms - Beanie Box comes with everything listed in the Beanie Baby Box, plus one bundle each of Eucalyptus Silver Dollar and Carnations

The Baldwin’s Blooms - Midi Box comes with everything listed in the Beanie Box, plus one bundle each of Spray Roses, Cremons and Alstroemeria

The Baldwin’s Blooms - Biggie Box comes with everything listed in the Midi Box, plus one bundle each of Dahlias, Solidaster and Anemone

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1. Flat Rate Delivery Fee: $25
2. Next Day Delivery: +$19
3. Saturday Delivery: +$15

1. Flat Rate Delivery Fee: $25 (+out-of-state delivery surcharge $10)
2. Next Day Delivery: +$19
3. Saturday Delivery: +$15
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