Think of us as a farm-to-table produce box, but for fresh flowers! Postal Petals connects flower lovers directly to farms to receive fresh flowers at a competitive price point when compared to the retail marketplace. Each stem is handpicked and cut just hours before they are carefully packaged and shipped to you for delivery within 36hrs of harvest, ensuring quality and freshness. Once you open your Petal Box, you can build those beautiful loose blooms into stunning arrangements with a quick video tutorial or virtual hands-on workshop with one of our professional florists.

Each Petal Box includes vibrant flowers sourced domestically from eco-friendly farms. From calla lilies to cheery sunflowers to picturesque peonies, there’s a new floral adventure inside every Postal Petals box.


Our flowers come from the exact same farms as many of your favorite florists. The significant cost savings comes as a result of the flowers being packaged modestly and shipped as wholesale materials directly to you to play with and arrange however you wish.


Once you receive your flowers, you can watch quick tutorial videos on how to arrange them. For more personalized instruction, you can opt for a live virtual floral workshop specific to the flowers featured in that week’s box.


Your Petal Box arrives to your door directly from the farm within 36hrs of being cut rather than the standard 5 to 15 day turnaround from retailers and florists. Our streamlined fulfillment process not only gets you more flowers for your money, your flowers will remain fresh and vibrant for longer.


The process of arranging flowers is considered by many to be a form of meditation. Thoughtfully arranging and manipulating each stem into a work of art built with your own hands doesn’t just beautify your space, it quiets your thoughts and brightens your mood.


Inside every Petal Box is a carefully curated assortment of freshly harvested flowers and greenery each hand-selected by our Petals professionals and the farmers to ensure that you receive the season’s best blooms.


We directly support local California and domestic farms by providing a bridge to get their flowers right into the hands of flower lovers and hobbyists. Offering a lifeline to many farms that have suffered greatly since the Covid19 pandemic brought large events and weddings to a screeching halt.

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