Flowers, Friendships & Wine

Flowers, Friendships & Wine 

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There is nothing quite like a good group of friends. But so often, we find that after we tend to kids, husbands, work, grocery shopping, and all of the other various activities that you get asked to help out with, we then don’t have time to invest in our friendships.

Here are Easy steps to Planning a friends night with DIY flower Arrangements and Wine! 

Pull out your phone, start a group text and get some dates on the calendar with your best gals! 

Check out our Postal Petals Bundles with your friends and pick your favorite bundle. We have options available from small bundles to large bundles that can be arranged into smaller vases for group activities. 

For example Our Biggie Box is made for our floral enthusiasts and arrangement aficionados! With 12 to 15 bundles creating around four to five medium arrangements, the options are endless. 

If you are looking to entertain a smaller group of friends we recommend Our signature Midi Box features 9 to 11 farm fresh flower bundles. This midsize bloom box can create three medium arrangements or one medium and one large arrangement that will awaken the senses.

Once you have picked a delivery date, it's time to get creative. Ask your friends to bring their favorite: 

  1. Vase: Pick an unusual vessel choose a vase that’s unusually shaped like a star or heart. Use mason jars or bottles. You could use an antique basket or colored glass vase.
  2. Stones: Encourage guests to bring some additional elements to the table stones, marbles, water safe crystals or pebbles to the bottom of the vase. Colorful marbles or stones can add dimension and texture to the overall look of the arrangement.
  3. Wine: We all know that wine pairs wonderfully with chocolates, fruits, and pretty much anything else that tastes delicious. But have you ever thought about pairing wine with flowers? 

The scents, colors, and texture of certain flowers perfectly compliment a bottle of wine. And when combined, the two make a splendid friends evening. 

Cabernet Sauvignon: These traditionally dark red bottles look beautiful alongside a bouquet of deep red roses. Or, contrast their saturated coloring with a bouquet of white daisies. 

Champagne: Known for their elegant nature, white lilies perfectly compliment a sophisticated and celebratory glass of champagne.

Chardonnay: The exquisite shape of orchids brings out the simple elegance of Chardonnay.

Pinot Noir: Match the red coloring of pinot noir with another complimentary color, like blue delphinium.

Riesling: Both classics, Riesling and alstroemeria are a timeless, effortless pairing.

Sauvignon Blanc: White will always remain cool, crisp, and elegant. Match your favorite bottle of sauvignon blanc with exquisite lisianthus. 

Now that you have picked your Postal Petals bundle and wine it's time to meet up with some of your best friends, open up your farm-direct fresh cut flowers, take a deep breath and pop open a bottle of wine at your mom’s night. Share this moment with your closest friends and rejoice in the joy of good company, good wine, relaxation of flower arranging and flavorful wine. Now you can get used to this right! Don't be shy, check out our subscriptions and save, book yourself a farm fresh bundle of flowers to arrange with friends and family today. We wish you fresh blooms and joy for years to come. 


Whether you're a novice or connoisseur, wine truly inspires passion, amplifies beauty, and elevates experiences - which is a perfect accompaniment to beautiful bouquets for an evening at home, seasonal event, or celebratory gathering of friends.

Continue your wine journey with Uncorked & Cultured, where you can join the Wine Society quarterly wine club, #SipConsciously by supporting BIPOC-owned wines, and sign-up to attend culturally curated wine experiences.

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