De-stress with Postal Petals: Founded by Talia Boone this farm-direct floral box service has HR and corporate event planners buzzing

De-stress with Postal Petals: Founded by Talia Boone this farm-direct floral box service has HR and corporate event planners buzzing

Talia Boone is the Founder and CEO of Postal Petals—a lifestyle and mental wellness company using flower arranging to meet the booming demand for self-care solutions in both the direct to consumer and B2B markets. 

Postal Petals connects flower lovers directly to farms to receive fresh flowers for customers to create their own DIY flower arrangements. Each stem is handpicked and cut just hours before they are carefully packaged and shipped for delivery within 36hrs of harvest. 

Once you receive your Petal Box, you can then build stunning arrangements with a quick video tutorial or virtual hands-on workshop with one of Postal Petal’s professional florists.

Each Petal Box includes vibrant flowers sourced domestically from eco-friendly farms, from calla lilies to cheery sunflowers to picturesque peonies there’s something for everyone. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, flower arranging has become a popular de-stressing and self-care hobby. Like baking and bread-making, which were all the rage at the start of the pandemic, flower arranging is another hands-on hobby that has been shown to help people de-stress and feel more grounded, according to experts

Postal Petals
Postal Petals connects flower lovers directly to farms to receive fresh flowers for customers to create their own DIY flower arrangements. (Photo courtesy Postal Petals) 

One theory for the therapeutic effects of flower arranging is that plants are said to ground and center us to our distant hunter-gatherer ancestors, who lived in natural, plant-rich environments. Another reason for the calming effects of floral arranging is the ‘tending is mending’ theory, in which our brains feel a sense of purpose when we take care of things. Making floral arrangements is also an act of artistic expression and the beauty of the flowers gives us a positive mood-boost too. 

It’s these exact reasons that Talia Boone founded her business, Postal Petals. For years, flower arranging was her go-to de-stress hobby, creative outlet, and a form of self-care.

“This is a kind of therapy people can enjoy at home and I even think it’s a great activity for businesses to offer their employees in the office, like some companies do now with yoga and meditation.  I’ve seen how much flower arranging has calmed and centered me in my most overwhelmed moments,” Talia says.

“I want to make it as easy and convenient as possible for people to take this on as a hobby and experience all the mental health benefits that I’ve enjoyed. How much easier can it get than having gorgeous farm-fresh flowers delivered right to your door?” 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in the spring of 2020, Talia found herself feeling stressed and isolated. She decided to pick up her flower arranging hobby again as a way to cope. However, Talia could not find loose flowers with all of the L.A. flower markets closed during lockdown. 

Postal Petals
Postal Petals delivers de-stress solutions through flower arranging. (Photo courtesy Postal Petals)

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Searching high and low for small quantities of cut flowers, Talia soon found that what she was looking for did not exist. 

“All the flower delivery services only sent whole bouquets, which defeated my purpose all together,” she says. “After looking around online, I came across a flower wholesaler who shipped large volumes of flowers to clients like florists all around the world. I just cold-called him hoping to convince him to reduce his minimums and ship me a small order of flowers that I could arrange at home.” 

Through that conversation, Talia learned about the obstacles that prevented the wholesaler from accommodating her request, and by the end of their 2-hour call her mind was spinning with the realization that what she wanted did not yet exist but that this could be an opportunity for her to fill that gap. 

Immediately, Talia went to work putting together a wireframe for what her business could look like. That was in May 2020. By late July, Postal Petals launched in beta with nearly 20 domestic farm partners signed up. Today, they are shipping flowers all across the United States. 

Postal Petals founder, Talia Boone. (Photo courtesy Postal Petals)

Her strengths as an entrepreneur helped her launch her company and bloom so quickly.  

“I’m comfortable leading. I’m not ashamed to be assertive and bold and to ask for what I want,” she says. “These are personality traits and I think they probably go hand in hand with being a woman entrepreneur and with being a minority. I’ve learned how to bring out the best in my team and encourage them. It’s something I’ve noticed in other successful minority entrepreneurs.  We’re adept at making a pathway where none seems available.

Talia encourages others to seek out their path and follow their dreams. Anyone can take their ideas and make them a reality, especially women who Talia believes are natural-born leaders. 

“A lot of the traits that are innate to you and the skills that come naturally to you if you’re a daughter, mother, sister, wife or girlfriend happen to be the traits and skills you need as a business owner. If you know how to manage personalities and multi-task; if you’re creative, reasonable and rational; if you’re always the mediator and problem-solver in the room, starting a business is for you.  

Keep applying those skills every time a new problem arises. There’s no greater gratification than knowing you’ve built something successful from scratch and put something wonderful out into the world.”

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